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Published on February 3, 2015

Broccoli & Mushroom Unstir Fried -Healthy Food Recipes

as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.
I would like to share with you one of my favorite raw food recipes.

This is a broccoli and mushroom unstir fry.
And we will be using several ingredients, but it is really easy to put together and I am pretty sure that you will be using it every week in your recipe rotation.

First we will need broccoli, mushrooms, either baby bellas or button are the best, olive oil, Nama Shoyu, which is a fermented soy sauce, GMO-free of course, sea salt, agave nectar, or you can use any raw sweetener, like a coconut nectar or even a raw honey, shredded carrot, and a little bit of red bell pepper, snow peas, a parsnip, sesame seed oil and sesame seeds. You will also need to use a food processor for this recipe.

So first we need to prepare our mushrooms. There are two ways to clean a mushroom. You never, ever, ever want to put your mushrooms in water because they are like sponges and they will absorb the water and they will get really slimy and gross. So first we are going to take our mushrooms and either a kitchen towel or a paper towel and simply brush away any of the dirt that may still be on the mushroom. First we will remove the stem just by pulling it off from side to side, the we will slice it into nice thin portions. Next, let us make a marinade. The first ingredient is cold-pressed olive oil. Add that to a large bowl.

Next is Nama Shoyu, a fermented soy sauce. If you have a soy allergy you can always use coconut aminos. If you have a wheat allergy, please use wheat-free tamari, which a soy sauce that you can find at any natural health food store. Next, we will add agave, you can use any sweetener of your choice.
A raw honey, or even a coconut nectar would be great in this recipe. Whisk the marinade together until it is well incorporated. Now we will just add our mushrooms to the marinade and set the whole bowl aside. Next we will need to create our rice. To do this, we have just peeled and chopped a parsnip.

And then we will add it to the food processor and process just until a rice consistency is achieved. Perfect. So this is what your rice will look like. Next, transfer your rice to a beautiful serving plate. So now we will add the rest of our ingredients to our mushrooms that have been marinating. Okay. Stir the ingredients until the sauce is well incorporated and then transfer to your serving dish. We will simply dress it with some sesame seed oil and sesame seeds.

You have just created a meal your whole family will enjoy.


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